daddy testimonials

ddaddy testimonials“Ok guys, I know you are thinking there is no way spending money on a doula is worth it. I thought the same thing at first. And I was dead wrong. You know all those uncomfortable moments when you are trying to figure out what to do when your wife is in pain during labor? All of the sudden those are not your job to worry about anymore. You just have to be there for your wife and Maren takes care of keeping her as comfortable as possible. Honestly there is no way I would let my wife labor without a doula any longer. We used Maren on our 4th child. This was our only child to be born naturally (no anesthesia) and it was honestly the easiest of the 4 (for me that is.)

My wife loved her, but honestly I kinda feel guilty now that Maren was such a huge relief to me that I feel like I should have been the one hiring her.

Completely worth it I promise. Face it, we don’t have a clue what it takes to give birth. You may as well have someone there who does so you don’t have to be there acting like a fool when it gets stressful.”

–Peter, dad


“My wife wasn’t a first time mother but this was her first experience with a doula and it was an amazing thing for her.

Maren helped in so many ways. To manage the pain she was feeling,  help her process what was happening and perform at a level that was just unbelievable.

She was focused on my wife when she had contractions and could her bring her attention back to her breathing and off of her pain.  It made this often emotionally chaotic experience very directed and more calming.”

–Josh, dad


“Maren was awesome! As a soon to be new father, I was absolutely clueless about the process of labor and delivery and how to best help my wife.

Having a doula there turned out to be a must. Maren did a great job of keeping everyone calm and comfortable.

She also was also able to adapt very well and quickly to new situations and really earned our trust and respect right off the bat. We have no complaints and would definitely recommend Maren to anyone.”

–Bryant, dad


“Maren Bench is really amazing. I was not sure about using a doula and wasn’t sure how using one would be helpful. After meeting with Maren in the weeks leading up to our child’s birth, she really made a great effort to get to know me. She validated any concerns I had related to having our first child. She let me be heard and helped me to understand different ways of looking at topics I discussed with her. Her communication with us was excellent. She was at every appointment she made with us. She opened conversations my wife and I had not had and help both of us to understand each other better.

The day the delivery, she showed up early in the morning and was there through the whole experience. The help and support she gave my wife was excellent! After watching how she helped my wife during labor, I know that it’s because of her support and techniques she used to help my wife that helped make the labor go as smoothly and quickly as it did.

I highly recommend Maren as a doula. You couldn’t ask for a better experience than the one she provides. She made the experience comfortable for my wife and I.

I would also recommend using a doula in general to anyone who is having their first child.”

–Clay, dad


“Maren was amazing!! With the birth of our child we had several complications but she helped keep us calm and in the right mindset.

She is so easy to talk to and helps make you feel comfortable in any situation. She did such a great job helping my wife labor and also used several techniques to speed it up which were very helpful.

As a man it is near impossible to know how my wife is feeling and to have Maren there, who knows exactly what my wife is feeling, was a huge help. I cannot imagine my wife going through labor without her.

She was such a huge help and I would recommend her to everyone! Having a doula was the best decision we could have made.”

-Justin, dad


Maren was wonderful! I would never want my wife to labor without a doula now. To be honest, I had never heard of a “doula” prior to our home birth. When my wife explained that she wanted one, I thought she had straight-up turned hippy on me; then we met with Maren.

She spent as much time preparing me as she did with my wife. She helped us design plans for a successful home birth and then guided us to formulate a “oh crap plan” if we weren’t successful.

When it was time for the birth, she was a godsend to my wife in the respect of her vast knowledge base for therapeutic labor techniques. She was there to make sure my wife was mentally and physically prepared to have this birth medically unassisted. She also spent time ensuring that my mental stability was intact through the whole process. It was a great experience and comes highly recommend for a home birth or traditional hospital births alike!

-Matt, Daddy