8 Easy Ways to Afford your Doula!

Selecting and hiring a doula is a very instinctual thing. It is important to choose someone who you feel comfortable and at ease with. The right doula can help you in making your birth a positive and empowering experience. The experience you have during birth can have a profound effect on the rest of your life, so it is important to do what you can to ensure that you feel supported and encouraged. Go with your gut instinct when choosing the support person who will be in there with you as you greet your new baby.

After you have found the doula that seems like a great fit for you and your family, you may be trying to think of ways to scrimp and scrounge for the moolah to pay for your doula.

1.     Payment plans are offered by the majority of doulas. Breaking up the amount into smaller payments to be made over the course of your pregnancy may be a more feasible option.

2.   Baby showers (or sprinkles if this is your second or third+ child) are a great place to get a lot of things that you need and even more things that you don’t need. Oftentimes, the person coordinating the shower asks everyone to bring a pack of diapers in addition to whatever else they are getting for you. Instead, why not have everyone throw in $10 or so for your labor support doula? You can also do this in lieu of a card. You will be surprised how much you can raise this way to pay for your doula. You can also add labor support to your registry!

3.   Use your tax return money. Rather than using your tax return to buy something material that you probably don’t even need, put it towards your birth experience for a purchase you are unlikely to get buyer’s remorse for. I have never heard a mama say she regretted hiring a doula, but have heard regrets about not hiring one.

4.   Do some spring cleaning! While you are going through old things to make room for baby, make a pile of things you can sell in your next garage sale, online, or to local second-hand shops. Bit by bit, you will be decluttering your home, nesting, and making some extra cash to pay for your doula.

5.   See if your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through your insurance reimburses doula services.

6.   Consider bartering for a portion of your doula services. Some doulas are willing to work something out where you pay for a portion of the fee and then the remainder (dollar to dollar) be done as barter for products, professional skills, or services that you provide. Some ideas of things you can barter may be website design, childcare, massage, acupuncture, personal training, graphic design, haircuts, organic food from your farm, etc.  You may be surprised at some of the things I have bartered yoga classes for. When proposing this idea to your doula, be specific on what is being traded and the dollar amount what you are offering is worth. If your doula is unable to do a barter deal, try looking at the other services you regularly spend money on and see if you can barter with them. Whatever you save this way can be put towards your doula.

7.   Cut out on a few extras for a while. I guarantee that after the birth of your baby, you won’t be thinking about how you missed out on your expensive specialty drink or eating out for a few months. Can you cut back on your cable package? You can even check with your cell phone provider to see if your current package is still a good option for you. Back in a previous life, I worked for a cell phone carrier and I would constantly find that customers of mine had packages that were way too big for them (more minutes than they were using, extra features they didn’t even know they had, etc).

8.   Make a GoFundMe account or something similar. This is a website where you can set a goal amount you are trying to raise and share it with friends and family members to help you come up with the money.

By utilizing one or more of these ideas, you should be able to completely cover the expense of your doula.

Tell me what you think. What other ideas do you have for saving up for your doula?

“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.” – Ina May Gaskin



A post for you soon-to-be dads!!

As I look back to the births of my babies and the roles- yes roleS, that my husband was automatically assumed to play, I realize the unfair aIMG_8500nd frankly uncanny pressure he was put under!

What is this invisible bestowing of roles dumped in the lap of a husband as soon as his lady pees on a stick?

Automatically he assumes the role of photographer, nurse, counselor, wizard, errand boy, therapist, and educator.

But what if husbands could just be excited and involved in the birth of their baby and that’s it!? What if dads didn’t have to decide between which “hat” to place his focus on?

What if he could simply give all the hats, except husband and daddy, to a doula?

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